3 Ways To Customize Your Crates

If you run a business where you send out shipping crates, you will want to invest in custom shipping crates that allow your crates to stand out from the rest. You can easily purchase custom shipping crates that are made to fit the needs of your business and that helps your crates stand out when they reach your customers.

Add a Viewing Port

If you frequently ship crates internationally, and your crates have to be inspected by customs, you can make their job a little easier by adding a viewing port. A viewing port is a window that is covered up, that all the custom official has to do is slide the material covering the window to look inside of your crate. This saves the custom official from having to open up your crate and potentially disturb your nice packing job when your items go through customs. In addition, this can help speed up how quickly your goods make their way through the customs process.

Beef It Up with Steel

If you need your crate to be extra sturdy due to a long journey or because it is heavy and will be handled by many forklifts, you can add some steel to the crate. Steel plates can be added around the edges of the crate. It can help strengthen your crate and protect it from forklift damage. Steel placed in the right spot can also help to protect the contents of your crate and help with the weight distribution inside of the crate.

Add Cushions to the Inside

You can customize the inside of the crate as well. One way to make the crate fit your purposes is by adding texture or cushion to the inside of the crate. For example, you could add rubber that acts as a shock absorber to the inside of the crate. Or you can add cushioning foam to support fragile items. Or you could give your crate a luxury feature by lining it with carpet or some other fabric. Adding to the inside of the crate can help protect your goods and enhance the experience of opening up your container. Think about what materials will best preserve and improve the transportation of your goods to the end client.

You don't have to use all of these suggestions; use the ideas that work best with your business. Work with a custom crate company to design crates that represent your business well and will help keep your goods safe and protected on their journey.