Can Seaming For Home Brewers And Small Breweries

If you make beer or other beverages at home or operate a microbrewery, a craft brewery, or a small business that needs to can beverages, buying a can seamer can allow you to put your brew in a can and keep it fresh. Can seamers are available in many different sizes and to seal many different styles and sizes of cans, so you need to decide what cans you will use and select the right seamer for the job.

Seaming Cans at Home

A can seamer that runs on standard house electricity and seams just one can at a time may be just the thing you need for your home-brewed beverages. Even if you are not going to market and sell the beer, putting it in a can and sealing it will increase the life and ensure the freshness of the beer or ale while storing it. 

A can is also very convenient and allows you to pop one open when you want to get to the beverage inside. The can seamer is not difficult to use and does the work of putting the lid on the can, sealing the seam around the top, and ensures that the can is not going to leak. 

Home can sealers are available commercially, and the cans that go with them can also be purchased from the companies that make the can seamer as well as brewing suppliers. All you need to do is make sure you have the right size can for your can seamer, and you can create a professionally packaged beverage from your favorite home-brew.

Smaller Production Runs

Microbreweries and craft beer brewers often bottle their product, but if you are considering adding cans to the product line, a can seamer in the brewery is a good option. You can start with a small single can machine and add additional can seamers or a can seamer that will seal several cans at once as your demand grows. 

The can seamer can close a can is just a few seconds, so once you are comfortable with the machine, you can batch very quickly, will little or no failed seams.

Labeling Your Cans

Once you have a can seamer in place, you may want to consider working with the can supplier to print your cans. Many can suppliers can screen print the cans before they are shipped, so all you have to do is fill and seal the can to have a product ready for the shelf. If you are getting cans from your seamer manufacturer, talk to them about labeling them as most suppliers offer that service.