3 Features To Look For In Candy Boxes For Your Candy Shop For The Holidays

As the owner of a candy shop, your business is all about providing customers with those sweet goodies they crave. But when the holidays roll around, you have an even bigger purpose for the consumer: providing gifts for the people they know and love. It is because of this fact that most candy shops really amp up their marketing tactics through the holidays, most even investing in specially designed candy boxes. 

Holiday candy boxes are an excellent addition to your packaging repertoire during the holidays because they make gift-giving easy. Here is a look at some of the top features to look for in candy boxes for your candy shop during the holiday season. 

Look for boxes that are already holiday themed. 

The less time you can spend making your candy packaging look like it is ready for the holidays, the better off you will be. Therefore, finding custom-made candy boxes that are already decked out for the season is best. You can usually work with a packaging company to provide you with candy boxes in certain designs, such as:

  • Boxes that are solid holiday colors inside and out 
  • Boxes that are striped or patterned to resemble wrapping paper
  • Boxes that are stamped with holiday greetings, messages, and gift labels

Look for boxes that have a sturdy structure. 

When customers come in and pick up a box of candy from your shop to give as a gift, this box could go through a lot before it lands in the hands of a recipient. It could be stacked under the tree with other boxes, tucked in a desk drawer at the office, and go through other situations. Because of this, make sure that the custom boxes you invest in for the holidays have a nice, stable structure, with heavy side panels and flaps, so the box will make it through the gift-giving process. 

Look for boxes that are reclosable. 

Your candy is being given as a gift in these boxes, which means that one box will probably get opened repeatedly as the recipient reaches in to grab their favorite treat. Even if the candy is not being given as a gift, it may be on display at a dinner party. Make sure that whatever holiday boxes you choose for your candy shop have a nice reclosable design that allows for the boxes to be opened and closed as needed until the candy is gone.